Design and structuring of impact investment vehicles.

We offer tailored advice and services according to our clients’ needs and desired impact.

Our services range from design and structuring of different impact investment vehicles or tools, to the complete implementation and management of the initiative launched.

We have experience in the development of Impact Investment Funds, Outcome Payment Contracts, Social Impact Bonds, and the development of ICMA Aligned Green, Social and Sustainable Bonds frameworks, among others.

Strategic advisory and impact management

We provide strategic advice to clients within the governmental, multilateral, corporate, financial and non-profit sector in the development and diversification of their fundraising and impact investment strategies; including the incorporation of best international practice in their impact management and reporting.

  • Our clients include:
  • Banks: Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo, Banco de Desarrollo Productivo de Bolivia, Banco de Galicia y Buenos Aires, ASOBAN, Tarjeta Naranja
  • Governments: Mesa Técnica de Finanzas Sostenibles de Argentina, Gobierno de la Provincia de San Juan
  • Non-profit organisations: Fairtrade International, Pro Mujer International, Save the Children
  • Social Enterprises: Fundación Zambrano, Fundación Compromiso, Grid X
  • Investment Funds: NXTP Ventures, Puerto Asís Investments

Market and field building

We developed and manage key peer networks for the development of the impact investment ecosystem in Latin America such as the Impact Investment Task Force for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, the Latin-American Outcomes Payment network with peers in Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Mexico, and the LATIN SIF (now part of the UNPRI).

We develop market research and intelligence both as a public good and for specific clients. Please see reports

We successfully concluded the first Social Impact Bond in Argentina!

And we are raising the bar to create the first Outcomes Fund focused on youth employment in the country, and one of the first ones in the region.

The first Social Impact Bond in Argentina focused on the employability of vulnerable youth in the south of the City of Buenos Aires, and was implemented between December 2018 to May 2022.

89% of participants finalized the capacity building program

36% entered into formal employment

76% remained in employment for 4 months

59% remained in employment for 12 months

Un launched the Gender Platform

Together with Pro Mujer and financed by USAID DAI we developed and launched the Gender Platform, a one stop shop with latest data, best practice, tools, and support needed so that financial institutions across Latin America and globally can develop their strategies and gender lens investment products and learn from peers.

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Who we are

We have the experience developing the solutions, opportunities and vehicles through which investors can align capital with purpose, to catalyse lasting economic and social change.

We know that investment has the power to achieve the change we want to see happen in our lifetime, at the speed and scale needed.

We are driven by the conviction that building a thriving, inclusive, and sustainable economy represents a unique opportunity to shift course for Latin America




We tailor our strategic advice and solutions to client needs, which include private equity and venture capital funds, family offices, banks, governments, multilateral agencies, non-profit organisations and corporates.

We bring more than two decades of experience in sustainable finance and impact investment, to add value to our clients, providing practical and results focused solutions. We specialize in thinking “outside of the box” and adapting the solutions and innovation needed to our client’s needs.

1. Strategic advisory and impact management

We advise and support our clients in the development and diversification of their sustainable and impact investment strategies and fundraising activities. We support them in implementing the strategies and develop a robust impact management practice. Our services include:

  • Theory of Change development
  • Development and evaluation of impact indicators and KPIs
  • Development and implementation of impact monitoring and evaluation tools
  • Digitalization of impact reporting
  • Impact evaluation and reporting

2. Structuring of impact investment vehicles and products

Advise in the development and structuring of impact investment vehicles or instruments, including:

  • Impact investment funds
  • Outcome payment contracts and Social Impact Bonds
  • Development of ICMA Aligned Green, Social and Sustainable Bonds frameworks, among others
  • Wholesale impact funds

Our services adapt to the client needs, and range from the design and structuring to fund management.

3. Training and capacity building

We have partnered with key international stakeholders to deliver state of the art capacity building, training and services.

4. Market intelligence and field building

We develop market research and information as a public good and for private clients.

We forge and work within and through networks.

We produce in depth market research and market intelligence.

We work in alliance with other like-minded organisations to promote the development of sustainable finance and impact investment at a global level.


We have a multidisciplinary team with diverse expertise that includes specialists in finance, management, development and impact measurement.

Together we can provide multi-dimensional solutions to our clients and the projects we work on, from governments to private investors and companies, generating value in everything we do.

Acrux has a unique network of pro-bono advisors, experts in areas including: investment and finance, financial innovation, regulatory and legal frameworks, management, entrepreneurship, international development and impact investing, who motivate, challenge and support us to think "outside the box" and find innovative solutions to complex problems.

team member

María Laura is the Director of Acrux Partners and Strategic Business Development Advisor for Pro Mujer International.

Director & Co Founder
team member

María José Castelli, works as Project Manager in Argentina. María José has many years of experience in the labour market both...

Project Manager in Argentina/Uruguay
team member

Flavia is the Impact Director at Acrux Partners, leading impact evaluation and measurement projects as well as research...

Impact Director
team member

Agustina works as an Analyst at Acrux Partners. She has experience in various sectors: government, academia, private...

Agustina Zamprile
team member

Juan María works as a consultant specialized in project management and has extensive experience leading work teams...

Juan Maria Abal
team member

Florencia has more than 8 years of experience in planning social and environmental projects in public and...

Florencia Casas
Project Planification
team member

Juan Savino has been an Advisor to Acrux since 2015, and is in charge of Investor Relations for Lexington Partners in...

team member

Federica has been an advisor to Acrux since 2022, having previously been in charge of new business development in Uruguay and Latam.

team member

Constanza Connolly is co-founder of Keidos impacto legal, a consulting firm focused on generating, facilitating and/or scaling...

team member

Adolfo has been a consultant at Acrux since 2020. His area of expertise is project management, developed from a varied professional...

team member

Damian Gerbasi served for 2 years as an Investment Associate for Acrux and is now a strategic ally of the organization. His work...



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We created and lead the Impact Investing Working Group for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay and we represent Argentina in the Global Steering Group on Impact Investment.

Co Launch with the BID FOMIN the call for an Impact Investment Fund for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. Getting the MIF to place up to 10% of the total Fund. $5 million


We launched the Latin American Network of Payment for Results with counterparts from Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and the UK


Development for PNUD of an in-depth study for Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile on the demand for impact capital for the development of investments aligned with the identified needs.


Development for ONU Woman of two studies on investments with a focus on gender in Uruguay and Chile

We created two working alliances: Pro Mujer, leading organization in the region that works on the empowerment of women in Latin America; and with Keidos, an impact legal consultancy for sustainable development.


Together with Pro Mujer and financed by USAID we concluded a fantastic Project to mainstream a diverse and more nuanced gender-lens into the investment strategies of mainstream financial sector actors in Latin America. The USAID-funded project titled PRO MUJER AND ACRUX PARTNERS: Mainstreaming Gender Smart Investment Strategies among Institutional and Commercial Investors in Latin America included a technical assistance (TA) component to support key financial sector actors to recognize gender gaps in both their internal processes and external business activities that could prevent the full inclusion of diverse and minority women’s access to financial services, capital or institutional decision-making processes.

Financed by Fundación Avina under the INDELA Fund we delivered a series of capacity building sessions for non profit organisations to develop their impact strategy and managemet practices.


Acrux begins operations in Argentina helping investors and companies develop viable investments seeking positive financial, environmental and social returns in Latin America.


With GCBA, BID Lab y Social Finance UK We develop and coordinate the offer of the First Social Impact Bond of Argentina in employability of vulnerable youth.

We act as performance managers and administrators of the Social Impact Bond of the City of Buenos Aires in employability of vulnerable youth. We lead the feasibility study and design of an Education Impact Bond for the province of Salta, Argentina


We work with the Agencia de Inversiones de San Juan in the development of an investment fund with social and environmental impact in conjunction with PNUD Argentina.

We developed the feasibility study and the design of a pay-for-results contract to work on the issue of refugees and displaced persons in Argentina.


Desarrollo en conjunto con la Red de Banco de Alimentos Argentina and the Fundación Alimentaris of a payment-by-results scheme to improve the nutritional quality of the food delivered


2021 We developed consultancies for the design of impact strategies for Fundación Compromiso, Tarjeta Naranja and Pro Mujer Internacional.


We work with PNUD Bolivia in the development of an impact measurement system for the Productive Development Bank, for the socioeconomic recovery of MIPYMES

Together with the Productive Development Bank of Bolivia, we developed the country's first Sustainable Bond aligned with SDG Standards (SDG Impact UNDP) ICMA


2021-2022 We work with UNDP Bolivia in the development of an impact measurement system for ASOBAN, which measures the impact of Bolivian banking on compliance with the SDGs.


Acrux starts operations in Uruguay.


Acrux establishes itself in the United Kingdom seeking to connect highly developed impact and responsible investment markets with developing ones.


The Director of Acrux was named a Fellow of Practice in Go Lab, of the University of Oxford in the UK, leading to an investigation into the use of Sibs in the region.




We invite you to visit us on social networks or contact us via email.